An Educational consultancy company established to help Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) develop collaborative arrangements across the globe in a  transnational higher education setting. Orbis Nexus helps student realize their study abroad aspirations by recruiting them into the best-suited universities worldwide.

The creation of Orbis Nexus reflects the strong personal and professional desire of the founder of the company to guide and support universities, and HEIs to step into the transnational higher education landscape and expand the TNHE framework. we at Orbis Nexus believe that the internationalization of higher education can help us shape the future of our generations as higher education institutes play an integral part in cultivating young minds and building nations. 

Starting from conceiving the idea to develop a TNHE, securing international partnerships, launching college campuses, preparing business plans, developing feasibilities forecasting growth rate, breakeven analysis, OPEX and CAPEX details, overseeing construction, designing renovation plans, hiring and training staff, developing marketing strategies, achieving student targets to delivering and managing successful college programmes are our main forte.


Our Comprehensive Advisory Includes

Facilitate the design and launch of TNHE programs
Exploring international partners, vetting candidates, and negotiating partnership agreements.
Develop educational linkages across borders
Tailor-made service, to set up processes, onboard new program director/management, and help clients launch their inaugural cohort.
Help clients to embed modern technologies into educational offerings to augment delivery and enhance the eLearning capabilities of faculty and staff.
Expertise in Validating Engineering TNHE Programmes
Tailor-made Services to validate Collaborative Programmes in the field of Engineering, Law, Social Sciences, and Business
Tailor-made services for seeking required approvals from government, local, and foreign accreditation bodies
Pursuit of international accreditation & Quality Assurance
Support institutes at critical junctures of an existing program such as restructuring and transformation initiatives across boundaries, expansion of the global footprint by adding collaborative features


We, at Orbis Nexus facilitate students’ secure admissions across the globe..  We help them realize their study-abroad aspirations by recruiting them into the best-suited world’s prestigious universities. We help students discover programs and universities, get matched to the best options and easily submit applications. From research and admission to visa and arrival at your dream school, we guide you every step of the way! We help you get exclusive scholarships and discover financial support options.


Our vision is to expand the footprint of Transnational Higher Education (TNHE) in Pakistan by developing collaborative and progressive educational opportunities for both institutions and students. We hope to master the process where aspiring students could reach out to experts in the education domain to assess their options, craft a study plan, and make the best choice for themselves thus fulfilling their study abroad dream.


Orbis Nexus aims to develop social and human capital by bridging the gap between Higher Education institutions through the internationalisation of education and student mobility across borders.


Providing scaffolding to Transnational Higher education institutions

Bridging the gap between foreign and local Higher institutions by expanding TNHE footprint in Pakistan

Helping HEIs and universities achieve their Transnational Higher Education strategic ambitions

Provide advisory services informed by data analytics to help clients rationalize development plans and performance targets.

Develop innovative solutions that are addressing our client’s needs

Play a useful role in the economic development of the country through internationalization of higher education and student mobility

Intellectual growth by exposing students to knowledge and experiences in cross-cultural, international, and comparative learning.

Sharing of best practices and student mobility across the globe utilizing best practices to enhance worldwide mobility positively impacting

Provide a one-stop study abroad solution to the students and help them in achieving their career goals through our guidance in career counseling

Ensure that each of our students goes through a hassle-free admission process to the university of their choice


CEO - Mrs Raana Sarmad

Raana Sarmad, an Educationist by profession is the CEO and Founder of Orbis Nexus, a company established to help Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) develop collaborative arrangements across the globe in transnational higher education Landscape through knowledge enterprise and international engagement.

Her major accomplishment in life has been to excel in the capacity development of people and organizations, mainly providing scaffolding to Transnational Higher education institutions in franchising and collaborating with foreign universities worldwide. She believes that today’s educational environment calls on mentors and leaders capable of working in concert with others, able to collaborate in creative endeavors, innovate and inspire and contribute without dominating any undertaking. Her expertise in meeting people from different backgrounds has helped her develop and deliver mega TNHE projects in Pakistan.

Affiliated with the UK education system for the past two decades, she has put her best into all her undertakings and launched successful mega projects including establishing organizations like Roots IVY University Colleges and Beaconhouse International Colleges Pakistan. Starting from conceiving the idea to develop a TNHE to securing international partnerships, launching college campuses, preparing business plans, developing feasibilities forecasting growth rate, breakeven analysis, OPEX and CAPEX details, overseeing construction, designing renovation plans, hiring and training staff, developing marketing strategies, achieving student targets to delivering and managing successful college programmes are her main forte.

She served as the Country General Manager of Beaconhouse International College from 2017 to 2023 and Director International programme at Roots University colleges, Pakistan for more than a decade (2004-2017) developing, managing, expanding, and evaluating Transnational Higher Education provisions.

Professional Line of Work

  • Transnational Higher Education
  • Quality Assurance
  • International Linkages/collaborations in the Transnational Higher Education
  • In-Country Accreditation from government organizations including HEC, PEC, and IBCC
  • Business Development – Expansion and uplifting
  • Portfolio Development & Management
  • International Student Recruitment
  • Study Abroad Progression Pathways
  • International Student Engagement

Defining Initiatives

  • Started University of London International Programmes in Law and social sciences in 2004 in Rawalpindi Pakistan.
  • Launched ACCA UK qualifications in 2007
  • All three campuses of Roots College International Pakistan (namely Roots IVY International Colleges, The Millennium Universal Colleges & Roots Metropolitan International University Colleges) were granted “Recognized Teaching Centre status” by the University of London in 2009 under her leadership.
  • Expanded the qualification portfolio of UOL in Pakistan by introducing a Diploma in Economics and Social Sciences from London School of Economics and Political Science in 2009
  • Successfully gained accreditation for the International programme qualifications from Higher Education commission of Pakistan and Pakistan Bar Council in 2010
  • Launched ICM UK qualifications in 2010 in Pakistan.
  • Successfully forged a partnership with Pearson UK to offer BTEC Qualifications 2012.
  • Introduced Goldsmith University of London in Pakistan in 2013
  • Forged a successful partnership with BPP University UK for LLB and Business Programmes in 2015
  • Expanded University of London portfolio of qualifications by offering IFP, Computer Science programme of UOL in 2015 in Islamabad.
  • Forged a successful partnership with Bedfordshire University UK to offer its social science and Business degrees in Pakistan in 2016.
  • She was able to push PEC to amend their Schedule -II (policy) and add a TNHE for the very first time in the history of PEC
  • Launched Beaconhouse International Colleges in 2019, a sister concern of ESL (Beaconhouse School system) to expand Beaconhouse group portfolio in the Transnational Higher Education landscape by developing educational exclusive linkages with Top UK universities.
  • Established the company (BIC) from scratch to one of the Premium TNHE providers in Pakistan.
  • Developed engineering infrastructure worth 500M in three cities. The company was launched during COVID and irrespective of the COVID implications on businesses worldwide, She was able to earn the company its profits 2 years before the estimated breakeven timeline.
  • Developed linkages with Top UK universities including Pearson UK, University of London, and Liverpool John Moores University UK (as an exclusive Partner of Beaconhouse International College).
  • Launched three state-of-the-art campuses of BIC in three main cities of Pakistan (Faisalabad, Lahore, and Islamabad) including establishing Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Labs and resources.
  • Bagged BIC the status of “The first Institution to win Pearson UK, BTEC International Centre of the Year Award” in Pakistan!
  • Bagged Beaconhouse International College the status of “The Only TNHE to offer UK Engineering Programme in Pakistan” fully recognised by the Pakistan Engineering Council. It’s the very first time that any institution was granted approval to offer Engineering qualifications in a TNHE framework under Schedule- II of the PEC Act (under the Washington Accord).
  • Her contributions opened doors for Pakistani Students to earn a foreign degree in engineering while staying in Pakistan and getting dual accreditation, both from PEC and ECUK (Engineering Council UK).


Proven Track Record of Securing Strategic Alliances (International Collaborations)

The CEO and Senior team of ON has a demonstrable track record of securing strategic alliances with organisations and businesses including experience in delivering end-to-end solutions of the TNHE framework including the development, validation sourcing of new programmes and progression of students to universities worldwide ensuring admissions and progression targets are met resulting in successful long-term partnerships with organisations including:

Strategic linkages with Government bodies Associations/Accreditations

Our Team has worked extensively in Higher Education sector of Pakistan and played a pivotal role in policy reforms of TNHE qualifications approval and accreditation processes closely working with government bodies including:

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC)
Pakistan Bar Council (PBC)
Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC)
Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

Study Abroad Landscape

Orbis Nexus is a team of experienced and well-connected professional holding decades of career counselling experience who are passionate to empower students to access the best education available worldwide and have received enormous success in the form of hundreds of admissions to the leading universities of the world including Oxbridge, LSE, UCL, Goldsmith, Imperial, MIT, Stanford, Ivy league universities in US, top ranked Canadian and Australian universities and many more leading universities of the world. To name a few: