Educational Pathway Planning Advisory (EPPA)

The World is full of options and opportunities leading to the achievement of goals that we set for ourselves. These achievements, however, require a plan. This is where we step in !!

Our Educational Pathway planning advisory is highly customized through one-on-one family meetings and consulting sessions backed by strong market research of institutions, programmes,  and regulatory framework of these programmes.  Through these sessions, we funnel our decades of academic knowledge and experience into a customised solution. In these,  one on one dedicated time-focused consultancy sessions,   parents can discuss their children’s strengths, idealogy and requirements to help us propose a suitable educational pathway plan to meet the needs of their child.

We help you decide:

  1. Educational Institution 
  2. Academic Programme 
  3. Future Growth Plan

For Early Years

The schools today are offering a range of programmes and  Pathways from early years to high school. It’s often very pressurising for parents and students to choose one out of these as this requires extensive programme knowledge and research which eventually requires time.  Understanding Parent’s needs, time constraints and desire to gain more information about schools, programmes, curriculum, accreditations etc. Orbis Nexus provide Educational Pathway Planning Advisory to both parents and students of all ages. 

For Middle Years

Educational Pathway planning is important for students of every age. However, the Middle years are the most crucial building blocks of one’s future as this is the time when children know their strengths and weakness, their interests and their abilities and can reach mature career decisions with the help of their parents and our counselling services.

For High School

We can help you decide your degree pathway at the start of your high school by helping you select the best-suited high school courses. Our dedicated session with students and parents supports a focused approach to senior school learning leading to well-defined educational and career goals. Our EPPA can guide you towards the right subject choices and careers and help you reach your goals.

For Graduates

95% of the students stay in Pakistan for graduate and postgraduate qualifications and often struggle in finalising their subject and career choices.

We understand that graduate and postgraduate students are strongly impacted by the  socio-economic burdens and trends of the country and often find it difficult to make the right career choices by selecting the right educational pathway.. Our aim is to help students select an educational pathway that will not only lead to strong career progression but also self-attainment and self-actualization.  

EPPA’s goal is to help the student attain their aspirations by providing them with the best available options in their chosen field of study backed by strong market research and analysis eventually leading to improvement in their personality by sharpening their abilities.

So, you can take opt for our  (EPPA)  not just to get steered towards the right direction, but also to make yourself ready for a successful future. 



Reach out to us through call, email or by filling out the contact form available on our site.
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Schedule a meeting with our student counselor to discuss your career plans.
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Our expert student counselor will help you explore new opportunities and clarify any ambiguities.
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After finalization of your plans, we will help you apply at the top universities wordwide.
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