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IELTS is an international standardized test of English language proficiency. It measures an individual’s ability to communicate in English across all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking. It is for people who intend to study or work where English is the language of the communication. There are two versions of the IELTS: the Academic Version and the General Training Version. 

IELTS is accepted by most Australian, British, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand and South African academic institutions, over 2,000 academic institutions in the United States, and various professional organizations. It is also a requisite for immigration to Australia New Zealand and Canada.


IELTS is the first step in Student Visa application process. Given that the IELTS conforms to the highest international standards of language assessment, your IELTS score is a trusted and valid indicator of your ability to communicate in English and is recognized by universities and colleges for course admissions in United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia and increasingly, in Europe.

Pearson Test of English (PTE)

If you are a non-native English speaker, then you should be applying for PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic). The best part is – It is conducted online (Computer-Based). If you are better at Listening, Speaking and Reading, you will have good time coming in! The test lasts for 3 hours. When it comes to results, you get it in about 5 days.

 Therefore, in case you are planning to study or work abroad, that’s when you should be looking for PTE for sure.

 The score is accepted across Australia and universities of USA, Canada & NZ


  • Countries such as USA, Canada & NZ, including Australia ask for PTE test scores
  • The test offers unique advantages
  • Helps you express in the most convenient and proficient manner
  • Shapes you in a way that can be rewarding in your career!
  • You experience flexible testing as well as fast results (within 5 business days)
  • The test offers unbiased scoring
  • No threshold limit for study or migration applications acceptance
  • You can apply as many times you wish to, for the test
  • No age limit
  • Send your scores to institution you want to study in
  • PTE is an automated scoring system – Added advantage
  • The scores are highly preferred


It is one of the best as well as renowned English Language Proficiency Test. The test helps students and working professionals get the chance to study and work in English-Speaking Countries such as the US, UK & Canada. The best part is that  It is accepted in major countries across the globe. When it comes to test sections, it ranges from Reading, Listening, and Speaking to Writing. Before you appear for the test, it’s important you understand the seriousness of the test and make sure you have an amazing command over the English Language. That’s how you can leverage an edge to gain success.

The best thing you will observe is – When it comes to taking an enrollment in the most reputed and highly renowned university or work abroad, showing TOEFL scores makes enough sense and takes you to the next level everlastingly. That’s how you win at what you go for in the most convenient way (For study and work abroad).


  • Helps you express in the most convenient as well as proficient manner
  • English speaking countries such as Canada, US & UK ask for TOEFL Scores
  • Let’s you look distinguished and qualified person
  • Ensures you are given the best opportunities
  • You become selectively chosen for great positions and roles
  • Shapes you in a way that can be rewarding in your career
  • Gives you a leverage and support from big and reputed education institutions and industries for further enrollment or hiring
  • TOEFL cracked candidates are highly preferred
  • Great chances to get enrolled in school or university you want
  • The best part is – TOEFL is also an amazing source to get hired seamlessly (Added advantage)
  • The test is accepted world-wide


Do you want to stand out from the admission process? Well, sometimes it becomes daunting to get enrolled into Business University abroad, but it’s not the same if you have quality GMAT scores at hand. And, you just always rock with it! The scores further ensure to elevate you from the rest of the pack (Competition). It stands for Graduate Management Admission which is a computer-adaptive test.

Therefore, in case you are looking for the best as well as reputed business school admission abroad, then you pack your bag, with all necessary documents, along with GMAT Scores at hand. How would it get done? Eventually, one needs to crack it! GMAT Consists of four sections mainly Analytical Writing & Assessment Section, Integrated Reasoning Section, and Qualitative Section & Verbal Section. The test lasts for about 3 hours and 30 minutes. Overall, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Chile, United Kingdom, United States of America & Canada cordially accept GMAT scores.


  • Countries such as Hong Kong, Lithuania, Chile, United Kingdom, United States of America & Canada ask for GMAT Scores
  • Get enrollment into top business universities across the globe
  • Makes your admission process super easy and quick
  • Scores work as an academic success indicator
  • International exposure
  • Fine toned business studying environment at scale
  • Study and experience top management programs easily
  • No age limit
  • Scores have 5 years validity
  • Get amazing infrastructure and updated resources

GRE - Graduate Record Examination

In case you are looking to graduate from business or law school or university, that’s when you get added advantage with GRE test. The test score is highly preferred as well as accepted by thousands of schools worldwide. That’s what makes things a lot easier for students who want to pursue higher level study and programs, including courses abroad. GRE Test duration is about 3 hours and 45 minutes that has sections such as Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, including Analytical Writing. With that being said – When it comes to looking at GRE Subject Tests, that are – Chemistry, Literature in English, Mathematics, Physics as well as Psychology. 

Countries such as US, Canada, UK, China, France, Singapore, Switzerland, Spain and Ireland accept GRE Scores. You will be at the peak of success and ensure to live in an environment that will grow and shape your career further.


  • US, Canada, UK, China, France, Singapore, Switzerland, Spain and Ireland ask for GRE Scores
  • International Study Environment & Exposure
  • Helps you easily enrolled in Grad schools and colleges abroad
  • Helps you evaluate your critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal reasoning and qualitative reasoning skills
  • In case you want to pursue Master’s, MBA, Specialized Master’s Business, J.D. Degree, or Doctoral Degree
  • Experience high-end infrastructure as well as study materials abroad
  • Better job opportunities as well as leveraged life settlement in top countries in the world


SAT test is conducted to check your analytical skills.. That’s what makes the most out of your academic success by far. The SAT exam ensures to evaluate your critical thinking skills, further making sure you get the deserving positions and opportunities at large. Therefore, if you are a high school junior or senior, you should go with it.

SAT consists of 4 sections. They are Critical Reading Section, Math Section, and Writing Section & Equation Section. With the help of SAT scores you achieve, colleges as well as universities make their admission decisions accordingly. The test longs about 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Countries such as Australia, Finland, Japan, Lebanon, Netherland, South Korea, Turkey, US, UK & Canada highly prefer candidates who crack and score good in SAT test.


Countries such as Australia, Finland, Japan, Lebanon, Netherlands, South Korea, Turkey, US, UK and Canada ask for SAT scores

  • Mandatory for international students
  • Scores help you study abroad
  • You will be highly preferred because colleges and schools prefer candidates who clear SAT test successfully
  • It really makes quickly easy for your preferred college or school to make their admission
  • Can showcase your strengths and qualities
  • Gets you positions and opportunities
  • Highly necessary further in job and other industry-specific hiring purposes


The Duolingo English Test measures all English language skills, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening.